Maret 10th 2018 – 8:30 pm – , Kowloon
The Underground Ltd. presents

Heavy #19: Loud Shaft, Dagger, ShadowEscape 倒影逃離, Human Betrayer

Lain dormant for many moons, the Beast of Heavy begins to stir once more. To obtain this most ruthless of demon’s blessing for a brand new venue, The Underground summons a quadrivium of Hong Kong’s freshest and fiercest metal performers.

Metalcore outfit Shadow Escape 倒影逃離 will perform intricate metalcore incantations with crushingly heavy rhythms and stingingly sharp guitarwork. They’ll prime the performance chamber for Loud Shaft, whose thrash and punk pairings will have a brutalising impact upon all those who dare partake.

The third set of combatants is Dagger (a group formed from scene stalwarts King Ly Chee, Fight Club and Yau Dong) who will arrive all set to execute the Beast’s bidding with an offering of primordial metallic hardcore, channelling fury through jagged guitars, hoarse barks and blast beats.

Finally, Human Betrayer will conjure oblivion with a sound that’s rotten to the core, mixing together a vitriolic slew of gurgling vocals and adamantine deathcore riffs before finally tethering the chaos back down to terra firma.

Join us to tame this most ruthless of monsters. 666, the number of the Beast. Will you answer the call?

Saturday 10 March, 2018
Bands: ShadowEscape 倒影逃離, Loud Shaft, Dagger & Human Betrayer
Wave Music Studio, Unit F & G, B/F, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Bldg, 470 Kwun Tong Rd, Kowloon
8:30pm - 11:30pm
Advance tickets: HK$120 available at ZUK studios or
Door tickets: HK$150
Hotline: (852) 9486 4648


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General AdmissionHK$120